Self Priming Pump

The self priming centrifugal pump is designed to lift water from some level below the pump suction without having to fill the suction piping with liquid. It accomplishes this by creating a partial vacuum at the pump suction which removes the air from the suction line.

We offer self priming pumps in single stage, horizontal, centrifugal, non clog. These pumps are available in various Sizes / Materials / Capacities. Our pumps are well suitable in various application areas such as various marine, industrial, civil construction, mobile machinery, agro chemicals and public utilities.

Technical information

  • Materials: CF-8m / CF-8 (Gun metal, Alloy) and also in other materials as per customer's demand
  • Heads: 6-34 mtrs
  • Capacity: 77 litres per second
  • Quick Priming, no need of foot valve
  • Trolley mounted available
  • Custom built pumps available

Application areas

  • Effluent and sewage treatment plant
  • Petroleum product - Chemicals, effluents, Sewage, ash -water etc.
  • Dewatering Purpose
  • Marine : Pumping water from docks, ports, vessels
  • Public utilities- sewage pumping
  • Mobile Machinery- cooling water for marine engines and shovels
  • Slurry Material Handling
  • Trenches and Pits. Filter Carbon v/s Ceramic / Tc with NBR Elastomer)ress feeding, ETP, STP, Waste water treatment plant
  • Incinerator

Product showcase

Pump ranges we cover :