Balancing Valve

A balancing valve is a measurement and regulation device. Balancing valves are used in during commissioning of heating and cooling systems, pressurized piping applications, such as HVAC and gas movement applications. The main purpose of a balancing valve is generally to create a consistent output pressure to a system from an inconsistent input pressure from a different system. This creates balance for the flow of the material being moved through the pressurized system as a whole.

In most cases, these types of valves are also used as a means of creating a stable flow of material within an unstable system. Sometimes, to facilitate this purpose, the balancing valve must release a set amount of material if the pressure within the system builds too quickly.

Technical Specifications:
  • Sizes: available upto 200 mm (size above 200 mm available on request)
  • Valve rating: PN16 & PN20
  • Materials: CI/CS/ SS/SS316L/Gun metal
  • Operation: Manual
  • Pressure Class: PN20
  • Temperature: upto 150° C
Balancing valve Balancing valve